Outdoor Pistol Ranges – 3 bays 22 yds each


HOURS: The outdoor ranges are open from 9am to 1/2 hr after sunset every day, unless an event is scheduled, or pre approval  from  the Board of Directors.  For the current sunrise / sunset chart  click here and put in the Lee zip code 01238.

  • The Outdoor Pistol Range is open to members (who have had an orientation) & their guests 9am – dusk M-F, range fee $3 member/$7 non unless an event is scheduled.  Paper targets only.

IDPA  = International Defensive Pistol Association.  It is the use of practical equipment to solve simulated “real world” self-defense scenarios.  Check calendar & posts for dates/times & fees.

  • New Shooter Orientation 12pm
  • Sign in  12:30 (all shooters)
  • Safety & walk through course
  • Match begins at 1pm through approximately 4pmTear down help appreciated!What you’ll need:
    • Stock pistol or revolver 9mm or larger, open sights
    • 150 rounds (usually shoot 100 in a match)
    • Three magazines or speed loaders
    • Holster & concealment vest or jacket
    • Eye & ear protection


    • 6 stages, course of three pits, 2 stages in each
    • Scoring is based on time and accurac

    Steel Challenge is here and includes .22LR rifle.  It is .22 friendly; pistols or revolvers (any caliber except .357 or 44mag).  There are 3 bays, 5 targets are set up based on official steel challenge designs.  You shoot each bay 5 consecutive strings (timed) and run through all three bays twice for 150 rounds.  Cost $15.00.  Cold range rules apply just as in IDPA.  Firearms can be in a holster or case between bays.  New shooter orientation and sign in times are exactly as in IDPA, listed above.  Here is a steel challenge video to view.  Come and have some fun!