Air Pistol

boy pistol Air pistol is a great way to enter the shooting sports.  This is my Olympic Shooting Sport! No recoil or noise allow us to train for sign alignment and trigger control, the two elements that effect all shooting platforms.  Not to mention it’s a ton of fun!  This is a National Program, callled PPP, Progressive Position Pistol under USA Shooting.  It lets youth (as young as 7 yrs old) enter the field benched supported, two handed shooting up to age 13, then move to standing supported one handed up to age 15, and finally to one handed non supported.  This is also an Olympic Event.  Our team is “Air2Spare” . There are several places that hold registered air pistol competitions, Woburn, MA, RPI College in Troy, NY and Manchester, CT just to name a few; we travel some & do postal matches. Many colleges have air pistol & air rifle teams.  Our season is September to May, and you can continue through the summer.  Adults shoot air, too! We are meeting Mondays, 6-8pm at Lee beginning in September.  Call Vicki or Cliff White, 413-770-9007 or to join the fun!