Steel Shoot Season is running !

March 29, 2017


  *New Shooters Welcome! Cost $15.00 *Safety Rules 12:45 *Match Begins 1pm Steel Shoot is both .22 & centerfire friendly, or you can bring a rimfire rifle. 4 stages of 5 targets.  Run through each stages once.  Cold Range Rules apply; firearm must be in holster or case between bays.   Safety officers are at each station. Eye & Ear Protection required. 5 magazines preferred. New this season: a stage on the rifle range! Shawn could always use help with set up or tear down. Matches will be running Sundays are 1pm,  & Thursdays are 5:30pm, check calendar for dates/times. 5/11 @ 5:30, 5/21 1pm, 6/8 @5:30pm, and 6/25 1pm are the next dates/times.  Contact Shawn Sullivan for more info at

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