IDPA Matches

March 18, 2017

IDPA funNew Shooters Welcome!  Monthly matches Cost: $20,  Sign-in 12:30pm, Safety & Stage Review 12:45pm Match begins: 1pm.  Come & have some fun!  Cold Range Rules apply; you can go to the Safety Table without ammo, and holster your empty gun without a magazine in it.   Do not load your gun until instructed to do so by a Safety Officer (SO).  You will need 150 rounds, a holster, eye & ear protection, and concealment vest.  Look at our IDPA range under the Ranges Tab at the top of our Home Page for match  information and/or weather concerns on match day.  E-mail Shawn Sullivan:  Sunday 9/10, 10/1, and 11/5, all 1-4pm are the last shoots – November will be Steel & IDPA combined.  Shawn can always use help setting up on match day!

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