proud eagleHelp LSA’ers!  We need member-power to make this event a super fundraiser for all of us.  This is for money to fund our recent land purchase, & to obtain much needed items (improvements) for the entire facility.  We want to put the PRIDE back in LSA!  We have the most fantastic organization in Western MA  – from members to facility!  See you there.

Rifle Range American Flag 2015

November 10, 2015

FlagIn case you haven’t noticed, Mark Barrette, Virginia & Brian DuBois put up an American Flag on the rifle range.  It was given to us by an anonymous donor; and we really appreciate it!  God Bless America, and thank-you to our donor and volunteers that made this happen!

TeamWe are a competitive team that teaches youth development through the shooting sports.  We are meeting Sundays, 10:30-12:30pm.  Certified NRA pistol coaches teach fundamentals.  We have loaner firearms and ammo to purchase, if you need it.  Come & see what it’s all about, or contact Cliff or Vicki White, 442-8107 or  We train weekly, our competitions begins Jan -March in 2015 here in Berkshire County. Youth 6th grade through 12th grade are welcome.  Cost is $20.00, plus $10 for JR LSA membership if your athlete isn’t already a member.  The indoor pistol range is closed during this time.

ElectionCongratulations to our New Board Members: Ken Pixley and Kevin Moran.  We also have a new President:  Cliff White.  Our incumbent officiers, John Polastri, Secretary, George Brooks, V.P., & Frank Romeo, Treasurer were all re-elected without opposition. Thank-you to the members who helped run the election, and those who came out and voted.  2016 is looking Fantastic!


Thank you to John B who ran our Big 50 trap.  But don’t worry, we still are offering Trap every Saturday morning for your shooting pleasure!  If you are new to the game, John will be happy to give you a hand.  The shotgun fields are open from 9am to 1pm.  See you there!

law book  There is a copy of the current ones on the website; go to the top NAV bar and click on the “Members” tab.  Follow the directions to log in.  They are in  .PDF format which you can print out or save to your computer.  Thank-you to the Bylaw Committee, who worked very hard on this project.

All LSA members MUST attend one of these classes before they will be allowed to use any of the ranges. As of June 3rd, we have a “NEW” member process, check out instructions on our website under “Become a Member”  at the right upper corner of this page.  Pre approval of your membership is required before you can attend these orientations. For further membership information, contact 442-7807, Larry will answer your questions.  To register for orientation, call Mary at 243-2710. Upcoming date  Dec 13th, Sun., 9am.