foundersstreetview1.jpg.w300h225Thank-you to everyone who supported this event, especially John Polastri, who made it happen!

ballot bxOur annual elections take place in the November membership meeting.  We are in need of new faces and ideas to help steer our association to be the very best it can be!  You must be a member in good standing for one year to run for office..  Nominations will be announced at the October Membership meeting. UP for grabs:  Four seats on the Board of Directors, & all the Officers (who serve for one year). The Treasurer is NOT running for re-election.  Contact Larry Curtin for nominations at 413-822-3764 or  Thanks!

Paddy steelCome join us for some fun shooting time.  Bring your rimfire or centerfire (9mm up to .45)  pistols or revolvers to use. NO MAGNUM loads! Rifles are OK, must be bagged/boxed with empty chamber indicators in place (bright color zip tie will work) and .22LR rimfire ONLY. Please bring 5 magazines if possible, we will work with less if need be.  150 round count. These are safe shoots, an RSO that stands next to you. You shoot under the canopy, so rain is no problem!  Cost: $7, all three pistol bays will be waiting for you!  Cold Range Rules Apply.  Safety Briefing 12:45pm, Event begins at 1pm.  Contact Shawn Sullivan for questions Last event Saturday, Nov 5th with IDPA.

youth pistolAir2Spare Team Welcomes Beginners! This is a great introduction to the shooting sports! We use USA Shooting formats & coaching techniques.  It’s a Ton of Fun!  We will take athletes that can follow directions, as young as 9.  Most begin benched, supported,  two handed, & progress to one handed standing non supported.  We have an award program & we go to competitions. We have targets, safety glasses, pistols & pellets.  We need athletes! If your athlete wants to join,cost is $20 & has to be an LSA member (jr membership is $10 if you don’t have a family membership).  Questions?  call 413-770-9007


5 stand twoWhat has more action than trap, more cross/flying patterns than skeet, and is faster and less expensive than sporting clays?  5 Stand!  It will be open twice/month,  (dates on Calendar) on a Sunday morning & Friday afternoon.  Sundays at 9am & Friday at 5:30pm birds will fly – if you haven’t shot this yet, come & try it. Fun and less money??? I’m in!!  Cost: Member $5/round, non member $8/round.   Friday  9/23.   Check the calendar for other dates!


idpaCome down and shoot some IDPA, it’s fun!  Safety briefing 12:45pm, Event beings at 1pm. Match  Cost: $15.  Cold Range Rules Apply.  Six stages, bring 150 rounds.  Contact Shawn Sullivan for any questions.  Last shoot Saturday, Nov 5th with Steel , at 1pm.


clay-pigeonOur shotgun fields are open every Saturday 10am-1pm, Sunday 9am-12pm & Wednesdays, 10am-2pm.  Don’t forget Friday, 5pm to dusk.  Cost per round: $4/member, $8/non.  You must sign in at the skeet house before shooting.  NOTE: During these public hours,and during Shotgun events posted on website, ALL outdoor pistol ranges are closed.  

closed tempPlease check the calendar before heading to our ranges.  Every effort is made to keep the range closings up to date. Stay Safe, & Shoot Straight!  (the private event has been canceled for June 19th, so all ranges will be open that day!)