noticeFellow LSA’ers: Please note that last year when we changed to Proxy Cards you received a letter which stated that you must save your proxy card to access the club. It also stated that you will no longer receive membership cards; combinations are the same.  If your  renewal payment does not reach us by January 15th, 2017, your proxy card will be “shut off” and you will not be able to access the property.  Once you send in an application renewal form & payment, your cancelled check will be your proof of payment.  NOTE:  After January 15th, applications will only be processed once a week & cards will be activated on a weekly basis.

Clean up the guns, and get the ammo out!  Larry C. is hosting our Awesome Fun League.  $40 for one discipline, only $5 extra for each additional firing line. Contact Larry at or413-822-3764 You can come at 6pm and begin shooting the rifle portion, if you want to.  Here’s the scoop:

6:15pm .22 Rimfire rifle shoot 30 rounds
7pm Bullseye rimfire, 1 or 2 handed shoot 30 rounds
Next Combat/self defense 9mm or larger shoot 25 rounds at silhouette

indoorarchery-300x157What better way to bring in the New Year than to get out of the house for some fun with your fellow LSA’ers?? The League will be hosted by Todd & Jana.  $20 registration, then $3/wk for members, $6/wk for non members.  It’s all about the fun! Call them if you have questions: 413-441-2094  Runs until 2/23.

dinner bellCome and feast with your fellow LSA’ers on the home cooking of our own Chef John Polastri. Venison stew, polenta, and spaghetti, along with plenty of deserts! Hope to see you there. This dinner supports our hunting heritage & pays for us to feed the free pheasants we get from the state.  Tickets $15/adults  $7/youth 12yrs & under.  John P. 413-822-8278

great-ideaShawn Sullivan is looking for some help to plan this year’s awesome season!  He will be holding a meeting at the club; please plan on attending.  You can contact Shawn at or 413-281-8651,

Winter turkeyOur First Shoot of the New Year!  What??? The price is still $2/round & $3/round for money shoot??  Incredible!  Come and share your BEST “Turkey Story” & Bring home the spoils!!  If you can stop by and lend Larry a hand, even better!  413-442-7807

High Caliber Jr Pistol TeamWe are a competitive team that teaches youth development through the shooting sports.  Certified NRA pistol coaches teach fundamentals.  We have loaner firearms and ammo to purchase, if you need it.  Come & see what it’s all about, or contact Cliff or Vicki White, 629-9325 or  We train weekly, our competitions begins Jan -March in 2015 here in Berkshire County. Youth 6th grade through 12th grade are welcome.  Cost is $20.00, $2/wk range fee, plus $10 for JR LSA membership if your athlete isn’t already a member.  The indoor pistol range is closed during this time.

join-threeFirst: Come to a membership meeting – We want to meet you!  Bring:  A membership application with you and the fee. Next: Come to an orientation to gain access to the grounds and learn our safety rules.  LAST: Join us for safe fun on the shotgun fields, rifle range, pistol bays, or archery range, leagues, events, shoots, education & family gatherings.  Sign up for e mail updates in the top NAV bar on this website.   Here is the new application:  lsa-2017-membership-form.



clay-pigeonOur shotgun fields are open every Saturday 10am-1pm, Sunday 9am-12pm & Wednesdays, 10am-2pm.  Don’t forget Friday, 5pm to dusk.  Cost per round: $4/member, $8/non.  You must sign in at the skeet house before shooting.  NOTE: During these public hours,and during Shotgun events posted on website, ALL outdoor pistol ranges are closed.  

closed tempPlease check the calendar before heading to our ranges.  Every effort is made to keep the range closings up to date. Stay Safe, & Shoot Straight!