5 stand twoWhat has more action than trap, more cross/flying patterns than skeet, and is faster and less expensive than sporting clays?  5 Stand!  5pm we will be there to have fun; come and join us!

fcblpitsunsIt’s the Suns and LSA teaming up for a day of fun at the ballgame!  Come  and enjoy a picnic lunch with fellow LSA’ers followed by an awesome game.  Cost: $18 for pre game picnic, (all you can eat!) or just come for the game (4pm) $5.  This is a great fundraiser for LSA and a fun time!  For ticket info contact Mary at 243-2710 and Larry at 442-7807.

Would you like to “be legal” in 31 States?  Come to the Utah permit class, a 4 hour course. Cost: $100.  Rob McDermott, NRA Training Counselor, is hosting this class & donating the proceeds to the LSA Land Fund.  It costs $51 to apply for the license itself, which is good for 5 years – you will receive the paperwork in class to apply.  The online renewal is $15.00.  So Help LSA & yourself, contact Larry at 442-7807 or Shaun at 243-2710 and register today!  See map below for information.



Big 50 is a short registered trap shoot, non registered shooters can shoot, too.  Thanks to an NRA Grant, we have voice activated callers. You shoot 50 rounds, cost: $8/ member, $10/non member, ( plus $2.50 to the ATA for registered athletes).  We will attempt to begin at 5:15, and hope to run through two Big 50 events which are 50 birds each.  This is a great place to learn trap and have some fun.  The skeet fields will be open, too for casual shooting. (We will be taking 7/3 off for the holiday).

Come down and shoot some IDPA, it’s fun!  If you have not shot before, there will be an orientation at 10am in the clubhouse, see post below. Match  Cost: $15. Sign up 12:15pm, Safety walk through at 12:30pm.  Cold Range Rules Apply.  Six stages, 70 rounds minimum, bring 100 rounds to be sure. Contact Berkshire.IDPA@gmail.com for any questions.

law book  There is a copy of the current ones on the website; go to the top NAV bar and click on the “Members” tab.  Follow the directions to log in.  They are in  .PDF format which you can print out or save to your computer.  Thank-you to the Bylaw Committee, who worked very hard on this project.

All LSA members MUST attend one of these classes before they will be allowed to use any of the ranges. As of June 3rd, we have a “NEW” member process, check out instructions on our website under “Become a Member”  at the right upper corner of this page.  If you have questions, you can call Mary at 243-2710. Orientation dates are: Sunday, 8/16 @9am, and Wednesday, 9/16 @7pm.