tick pullBe aware of ticks in this highly anticipated “explosion” season.  Check yourself daily; the armpits, hairline, behind ears, behind knees, between toes & groin area are places to check. If you find one, use tweezers to grip it as close to your skin as possible, pull straight back with steady pressure.  Circle the date on the calendar, save the tick. Contact your doctor for advice. Talk to your doctor if you develop a rash where you were bitten, or have symptoms such as fever, headache, fatigue, or sore/aching muscles. Wear light colored clothing in the woods, long pants tucked into socks, and long sleeves. Use Bug repellent with DEET. For more info check the MA website here.

5 stand twoWhat has more action than trap, more cross/flying patterns than skeet, and is faster and less expensive than sporting clays?  5 Stand!  It will be open twice/month,  (dates on Calendar) on 3rd Sunday morning & 1st Friday afternoon.  Sundays at 9am & Friday at 5:30pm birds will fly – if you haven’t shot this yet, come & try it. Fun and less money??? I’m in!!  Cost: Member $5/round, non member $8/round.   7/7, 7/16, 8/4, 8/20, 9/1, 9/17.   Check the calendar the dates!




  *New Shooters Welcome! Cost $15.00 *Safety Rules 12:45 *Match Begins 1pm Steel Shoot is both .22 & centerfire friendly, or you can bring a rimfire rifle. 4 stages of 5 targets.  Run through each stages once.  Cold Range Rules apply; firearm must be in holster or case between bays.   Safety officers are at each station. Eye & Ear Protection required. 5 magazines preferred. New this season: a stage on the rifle range! Shawn could always use help with set up or tear down. Matches will be running Sundays are 1pm,  & Thursdays are 5:30pm, check calendar for dates/times.  6/25 1pm, 7/13 @ 5:30pm are the next dates/times.  The Summer Spectacular will include IDPA & Steel on 7/23! Contact Shawn Sullivan for more info at ssullee@icloud.com

shotgunAre you new at Skeeet, or a seasoned 25er?  This session is for either, just the gang getting together to have a “blast” on the shotgun fields.  This group gets their groove on every Friday night! New friends, bragging rights, what better way to enjoy a Berkshire Evening!  We are waiting for you, come on down!  Don’t forget to check in at the skeet house before hitting the fields.

IDPA 7/9 1pm Match Start!

March 18, 2017

IDPA funNew Shooters Welcome!  Monthly matches Cost: $20,  Sign in 12:30pm, Safety & Stage Review 12:45pm Match begins: 1pm. Come & have some fun!  Cold Range Rules apply; you can go to the Safety Table without ammo, and holster your empty gun without a magazine in it.   Do not load your gun until instructed to do so by a Safety Officer (SO). You will need 150 rounds, a holster, eye & ear protection and concealment vest.  Look at our IDPA range under tab Ranges at the top of our home page for match  information &/or weather concerns on match day e-mail ssullee@icloud.com  Dates are on the calendar, with out 7/23 Summer Spectacular of Steel & IDPA!   Shawn could always use help setting up on match day!

pistol taraget Cost: $70, 9am-1:30pm, optional shooting 1:30-2:30pm. Learn the attitude, skills & knowledge necessary to become a responsible gun owner. Course includes handling pistols, rifles, shotguns, dry firing, cleaning, & opportunities to shoot in different venues. The current MA. gun laws are covered. Optional hour at course end for shooting pistols if you have never done it before, included in cost.  Upon successful completion, you will receive a MA State Police Certificate for application for your LTC.  Pre-registration required with payment; download this document Lee NRA Basic Pistol registration 2017 for instructions. Questions? Contact Cliff at cliffxring@gmail.com or call Vicki 413-281-7176.

trap 2Big 50 is for everyone! It is a 50 Bird event. Non-registered & registered trappers can shoot it together.  This is a great event that is just plain fun!  You learn the ropes under John’s guidance.  Check the calendar:6/14, 6/28, 7/12/7/26 8/9, 8/23  Contact John at jb869374@gmail.com


clay-pigeonOur shotgun fields are open every Saturday 10am-1pm, Sunday 9am-12pm & Wednesdays, 10am-2pm.  Don’t forget Friday, 5pm to dusk.  Cost per round: $4/member, $8/non.  You must sign in at the skeet house before shooting.  NOTE: During these public hours,and during Shotgun events posted on website, ALL outdoor pistol ranges are closed.  

closed tempPlease check the calendar before heading to our ranges.  Every effort is made to keep the range closings up to date. Did you know if you click on the top red tab in the calendar that says “Range Closing” you can view just the week or month of closings?  You can also find events this way. Stay Safe, & Shoot Straight!