bullseye targetThis is an all day event.  Cost: $100.00.  Students learn the attitude, skills & knowledge necessary to become a responsible gun owner.  Course includes handling, dry firing, parts & operation of revolvers & semi auto pistols, cleaning, storage, opportunities to shoot in different venues, and of course, the current MA. gun laws.  You will be doing live fire at the range. Upon successful completion, you will receive a MA State Police Certificate for application for your LTC.  Contact Vicki at 442-8107 or lady45white@gmail.com.


ElectionCan you help your organization move forward?  We have some openings.  There are two Board of Director’s positions available; Don Lovato  and Dick Rische are stepping down after many years of service; be sure to thank them!  All the Officers are up for re- election, and the President’s position is open.  Please contact Vicki on the Election Committee if you wish to run.  If you can help with the elections, I’d really appreciate it!  LSA is a fantastic organization!  413-442-8107 or lady45white@gmail.com

pumpkinOur clubhouse and indoor range will be closed Friday, Oct 30th from 5-7pm for a good time Halloween Party!  Goodies and goblins,  games and a costume contest will be the order of the night.  There’s also a Hayride!   Children 12 and under welcome!

air pistolAir Pistol is here!  Come & try this fun Olympic sport.  With no noise and no recoil, this makes shooting fun & easy!  This is for adults and junior athletes who can follow directions.  With a safety review, you’re shooting!  This is a fantastic tool if you are a beginner, or if you are experienced and want to up your game.  Cost:  $10 for 6 weeks, we provide pistols, ammo, targets, and eye protection.  Runs 6 weeks.  Vicki 442-8107

5 stand twoWhat has more action than trap, more cross/flying patterns than skeet, and is faster and less expensive than sporting clays?  5 Stand!  These two Sundays at 9am  birds will fly – if you haven’t shot this yet, come and try it. Fun and less money??? I’m in!!  Cost: Member $5/round, non member $6/round.



Thank you to John B who ran our Big 50 trap.  But don’t worry, we still are offering Trap every Saturday morning for your shooting pleasure!  If you are new to the game, John will be happy to give you a hand.  The shotgun fields are open from 9am to 1pm.  See you there!

idpaCome down and shoot some IDPA, it’s fun!  If you have not shot before, there will be an orientation at 10am in the clubhouse, see post below. Match  Cost: $15. Sign up 12:15pm, Safety walk through at 12:30pm.  Cold Range Rules Apply.  Six stages, 70 rounds minimum, bring 100 rounds to be sure.  Don’t miss the last shoot of the season!  Contact Berkshire.IDPA@gmail.com for any questions.

New Shooters Welcome to the orientation 10-11:30am prior to the IDPA match.  Cost: $10, no live fire, just run through of procedures/rules.  This will prepare you for the upcoming match which begins at 12:30pm.  Registration:  Berkshire.IDPA@gmail.com  If you shoot the match today, the cost will be $10.

law book  There is a copy of the current ones on the website; go to the top NAV bar and click on the “Members” tab.  Follow the directions to log in.  They are in  .PDF format which you can print out or save to your computer.  Thank-you to the Bylaw Committee, who worked very hard on this project.

All LSA members MUST attend one of these classes before they will be allowed to use any of the ranges. As of June 3rd, we have a “NEW” member process, check out instructions on our website under “Become a Member”  at the right upper corner of this page.  Pre approval of your membership is required before you can attend these orientations.  Oct 18, Sun., 9am, Nov 18th, Wed 7pm, and Dec 13th, Sun., 9am.